These moves will help strengthen the upper back muscles (if the upper back rounds), as well as the core (to help get that booty back). Take this workout nice and slow – don’t try to rush through and get in all your reps. By taking it a bit slower, it makes you focus on your muscles more.


BUTT TAPS: Stand upright, feet hip width apart, slight bend in knees, pelvis tucked with core engaged, shoulders back and down, head up, eyes looking straight ahead. Stand a foot or so in front of a wall. Tap butt towards the wall – knees will bend slightly. Keep back flat and hinge at the hip.

COBRA: On a mat, lay face down with hands under shoulders and elbows tight against ribs. Roll shoulders back and down (squeeze) and roll up slowly, keeping upper back muscles engaged and elbows tight to body. Pause at the top for a couple seconds and release back down.

SUPERMAN W/ROW: Lie on stomach, arms and legs stretched out. Actively engage core, glutes, and lower back muscles, as you bring your arms and legs off the ground, row arms, squeeze at the top, and return to start.

COBRA: Move onto ball, so that stomach is on the ball (ladies, right under our girls). Place hands behind head with elbows out to the sides. Keeping core engaged and glutes squeezed, squeeze shoulder blades together as you move your chest up and lower back down. For a regression, place feet flush with wall as support.