Mitch Schroder

"I knew from an early age that I was always interested in how I could help others live healthier lifestyles. Early in my life, my grandfather, who I was very close to, had a stroke. He wasn't the most active, but he ate well and took care of himself. I began asking myself why my grandfather, and so many others, experience strokes and other medical issues as people age. I saw an opportunity and that is when I decided practicing physical therapy was going to help me find the answers. So, I began my career at Iowa State where I received my Bachelor's in Physical Education. I then pursued my Masters in Physical Therapy at the University of Iowa.

I graduated in 1992 as the class president. Throughout my years of acquiring practical experience, I realized that many of the things I was trying to help people with (heart attacks, strokes, etc.) could be reduced to a large degree by doing preventative health and wellness programs. Along with physical therapy, I began pursuing personal training certifications to service a wider range of clientele.

I had the opportunity in Zionsville, IN to acquire a space to begin physical therapy and start small personal training sessions. That is where Better Bodies started, over 26 years ago. My team and I took advantage of the space, met some amazing people in unique situations that have become lifelong clients, and we have continued to grow from there. We now have three locations. We had a similar situation happen at the Salesforce Tower in downtown Indianapolis, where we provide personal training, and other wellness services to the members. We also have a location in The Village of West Clay."

Our goal is continue making a positive impact in the local communities we serve through personal training, while passing on the knowledge we have learned to help people make positive, long-term lifestyle changes.

Things that set us apart from every other gym in the area:

  • The experience of our team and the education we provide to our staff and clients 

  • The quality of our service for members and personal training clients

  • 24/7 member access to our gyms

  • Our Diverse Client base and the community we build together: we help people from all over, including China, Ireland, France, India, Russia, Lebanon and more

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