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"I started with Better Bodies after repair of a torn medial meniscus in 2012. I have continued with Mitch (twice weekly) since then, which has benefitted my health significantly. I just celebrated my 80th birthday"

Joe F.,

“I started working out at Better Bodies about five years ago and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! There is a positive atmosphere at the studio which helps encourage me to work hard and get the most out of each workout. Before coming to Better Bodies I was getting tired of not seeing the results I was hoping for when working out on my own. Having a knowledgeable trainer working with you makes all the difference. I feel stronger with every session! You can tell that the owner and all the trainers truly love what they are doing and it makes it a much more fun and safe place to work out!” 

J.R. Kendall J.D., CCIM,

"Mitch and his team do an outstanding job of putting together fun and effective workouts in a friendly environment. "

Angie Z.,

I have been going to Better Bodies and training with Jesse Rhodes for over a year and cannot say enough good things about him and the staff at the gym contrary to another Yelper.

Jen K.,

"I have been working out at Better Bodies for 4 months and have noticeably increased my endurance, strength and flexibility. I appreciate the experience Mitch has especially with folks that have medical issues. I have recommended him to all of my friends." 

Robin D.,

"Mitch, Logan, and the crew at Better Bodies are professional, focused, and dedicated to my wife and my fitness goals! They are the best trainers I have ever worked with! We are hooked!" 

Bob M.,

"Losing weight is so much more than just exercise. Its a mental and emotional journey paved with doubt and endless obstacles. If it wasn't for Mitch's contagious enthusiasm and motivation, I wouldn't have lost over 20 lbs. in just under 2 months!!! While I have many more lbs. to go, I know that with the every changing workout, and Mitch's coaching and motivation, I will achieve my ultimate goal!"

Matt Keahey,

"I've been training with Mitch for years. I think he's excellent. I have felt great, seen much improvement. He has had good results with those I've referred. I highly recommend him"

James V.,

"I was hesitant and intimidated to go to a personal trainer, but my experience at Better Bodies has been outstanding. Differing workouts keep things interesting. Everyone is friendly and supportive. We laugh, work hard and have a good time! I could not have found a better place."

Jo A.,

"I've been to gyms before and they never worked out for me. Having to force myself to go there every day and run on a treadmill wasn't giving me the results I wanted. And then I realized that simply going to there to run wasn't enough. I wasn't pushing myself or working hard enough because there was no one there to help me stay on top of things. So I decided to give Better Bodies and personal training a shot. And I've never been happier with a decision in all my life. The regimen they have me using is way more intense than anything I could accomplish on my own at some other place. With a mere two sessions a week, I lost more weight than I ever did with any other method. I am down 30 pounds and I know for a fact that I wouldn't have been able to do this by just running on a treadmill for 30 minutes at a gym. I am extremely pleased with Better Bodies. Their reputation is well deserved! And it all started with a simple Google search!" 

Ben M.,

My experience with Better bodies has been incredible! Mitch and his training staff care about each person that walks through the door. I've never been worked so hard and looked forward to coming back for more. I am making progress with each and every visit.


"I have trimmed several slack sizes, flattened the core. The carried workout gives me more energy throughout the day. The total experience is a thumbs up." 

Weezie Morris,

"My daughter wants to play college ball and Better Bodies has taken her workouts to a new level. The owner Mitch is present and invested in her success. He holds her accountable to her goals. His staff is professional and the facility is spotless and well-equipped. The workouts are innovative and sport-specific. The serious athlete will not be disappointed. Better Bodies trainers are friendly and great motivators." 

Pam F.,

"My wife and I have worked out with Mitch and the team twice a week for the last 4 years. We feel great, better than ever! We appreciate how much good care they take of us." 

George and Sharon Walker,

Better Bodies is exactly what I needed to change up my workout routine. When I started here 2 years ago, I was bored and felt like I wasn’t really improving. For me, it wasn’t about weight loss, but about being fit. Mitch and his team keep it interesting by making each workout different, always coming up with creative new ways to use all of your muscles. Each workout is a combination of several different exercises so you are always changing activities which makes it fun and makes the time fly. I’m getting older, but I feel like I'm in the best shape I've been in a long time. . Because each workout is customized to the individual’s specific goals, I have my husband and 15 year old son working out here too. 

Kris Hillman,

"Mitch and his staff at Better Bodies provides and excellent workout. Each session is new and challenging. After 3 months we have seen tremendous results."

Mike and Cathy Hamm,

"The best one hundred dollars I spend on myself every week. Mitch and his staff are wonderful and very encouraging and supportive. Highly recommend them."

Sheila V.,

"After being flat on my back from a lumbar injury, Better Bodies helped me get back to dunking a basketball again at age 48 just eleven months later. Thank you Mitch and your team!" 

Randy K.,

"Better Bodies has provided an excellent varied workout. I have a stronger core, more stamina, and feel great after each session." 

Dr. Jim Van Tassel,

We love the staff and owner at Better Bodies! The option to use different facilities and having 24 hour access allows the flexibility we need to reach our goals.

Sam and Angela Krahulik,


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