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We offer different programs based on your needs with a Physical Therapist and Certified Personal Trainers on staff! 
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"I went to Better Bodies because it was recommended to me, and the location is perfect. I stay because it has had such a positive impact on my life. Specific changes I have notice in my life: I have way more energy, I feel better and I definitely look better! I am happier when I come home to my husband and kids after a training session, so I can see the impact it has had on my mental health just as much as my physical health. I have surpassed my initial goal of losing 20 pounds and I plan on continuing to get stronger and healthier."

Natalie R.

“I went to Better Bodies Inc. because I needed to get in shape, lose weight, and get on track to a healthier lifestyle. I feel better about how I look, my nutrition is on target for my body weight, and I'm able to be a lot more active throughout the week! I really enjoy the workout environment as well. Everyone is supportive and really want to see you improve in all areas of your life!"

Mike S.


The Village of West Clay (Open 24/7)

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Holliday Farms

Personal Training

Holliday Farms Blvd 

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