Aysha's Story:

"I went to better bodies because I love the size of the gym, the diverse array of machines, and the team. I have always felt insecure in larger, commercial gyms because I can not keep up with other experienced members. The personal attention really helps me make the most of my time, energy, drive, and dollars that I have invested. I want to do the work - I just needed a team like Better Bodies to guide me. Most importantly I appreciated the honesty of the team. They didn’t try to sell me on something I couldn’t grasp. We identified the opportunities together and got down to the solution, taking in my feedback as we went. I also enjoy the community at Better Bodies. The members are so pleasant and encouraging, it makes a huge difference when you have to be up at 8 AM on the weekends. 

Specific changes I have noticed in my life that are a result of training with better bodies are more confidence, better sleep, better attention span, strength in my body I didn’t know I have but most importantly my mindset shift. I am capable of so much more than I knew and that alone has opened my mind to so many new possibilities. I have dealt with a traumatic loss of a loved one and my time at Better Bodies has helped me heal in ways I didn’t know I needed to. My experience with better bodies has been AMAZING. I have only been with the gym for about 3 months and it is the best decision, the best purchase I have ever made. Before I trained with better bodies I felt discouraged about exercise. It wasn’t a consistent aspect of my life and was an afterthought. Now my life is tailored around prioritizing my health not because I have to but because I want to. Now that I am training with better bodies I feel excited about exercise. I feel confident about why I am exercising. I have made amazing progress and I can not wait to see where this progress will take me inside and outside of the gym!"

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other testimonies:

"The best one hundred dollars I spend on myself every week. Mitch and his staff are wonderful and very encouraging and supportive. Highly recommend them."

Sheila V.

"My wife and I have worked out with Mitch and the team twice a week for the last 4 years. We feel great, better than ever! We appreciate how much good care they take of us." 

George and Sharon W.

"After being flat on my back from a lumbar injury, Better Bodies helped me get back to dunking a basketball again at age 48 just eleven months later. Thank you Mitch and your team!" 

Randy K.

"I have been going to Better Bodies and training with Jesse Rhodes for over a year and cannot say enough good things about him and the staff at the gym contrary to another Yelper."

Jen K.

"Mitch and his staff at Better Bodies provides an excellent workout. Each session is new and challenging. After 3 months we have seen tremendous results."

Mike and Cathy H.

“I have been working out at Better Bodies for 4 months and have noticeably increased my endurance, strength, and flexibility. I appreciate the experience Mitch has especially with folks that have medical issues. I have recommended him to to all of my friends."

Robin D.

George's Story:

"I am a seventy-four year old male who has been a diabetic cardiac patient since October 11, 1991. During the past thirty years, I have had numerous angioplasties with nine stents inserted in my heart. During this same period, I was repeatedly told, 'exercise and diet and you will get better.' But no one has ever taken the time to teach me how to exercise and diet.

In 2016, I topped the scale at 275 pounds, my lower back was weak, and I had trouble walking. New Year’s Day, 2017 I put myself on a portion control diet with no exercise. I was eating the same thing, just less of it. Between 2017 and 2020, I lost forty pounds. In 2021 I did not lose a pound. I had gone as far as I could.

Halloween, 2021, found me in the St. Vincent Heart Hospital again. They put in another stent and recommended cardiac rehab. After a minimum round of cardiac rehab, I contact Mitch Schroder. On December 9, 2021, I started a regimen of diet and exercise under Mitch's guidance. My life will never be the same.

The results of the last seven months are astounding. I am now doing 33 minutes of cardio exercise five days every week. Three days a week, I am doing either upper, lower, or core strength exercises under the guidance of a personal trainer. I have lost 28 pounds (a total of 68 pounds since 2016). My waist is eight inches smaller. My overall health and mental attitude have improved. I am stronger than I ever dreamt I would be. The best result is a 41% decrease in my dosage of basal insulin and a 58% decrease in my dosage of before meal insulin. There has been a decrease in two other medicines I take. My thyroid pill has decreased 8%. One of my water pills has decreased 50%.

In over thirty years of fighting my health problems, no one has ever given me a plan that includes diet and exercise that has worked. Better Bodies and Mitch Schroder gave me that plan. I was able to implement and successfully follow it. I believe this regimen will continue to improve the quality of my life. It will also allow me to live the type of life, I want to live."