What do we mean by longevity?

Longevity is a word that is starting to get used more often. We can break it into two parts to help clarify what we mean when we talk about longevity.

1. Lifespan - How long you live

2. Healthspan - The quality of your life while you're alive

Although we'd love to tell you we can help you live longer, our focus is on your healthspan. 

What is does this program include?

We start with a physical assessment and determine YOUR goals. Before we do any exercising, we make to sure get crystal clear about your reason for training. Next, you have a 1 on 1 with a physical therapist, we then start your program and continue to optimize and improve on the program. After an agreed upon date, we provide a reassessment to determine your progress and showcase your results! The purpose of the reassessment is to ensure we are maintaining and improving key indicators of your overall health. This can include resting heart rate, body fat %, grip strength, flexibility, and your Heart Rate Recovery (HRR). 

As part of our longevity training, we also provide a Nutrition Book. 

Many people neglect their nutrition as they age. We will offer simple dietary changes to complement your effort in the gym, helping you maximize your results. These changes will also boost your energy levels throughout the day, increase you ability to recover, and help you retain muscle mass more effectively.

Who is our longevity training for?

If you:

  • Are nearing or above the age of 45 

  • Want to reduce your risk of injury

  • Lack accountability when it comes to exercise

  • Have dealt with constant pain and would like relief

  • Have the means to make a difference, but are unsure how to get started

  • Have a desire to be healthy enough to play with your grandkids

We can help!
Next Steps

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Personalizing fitness to meet your needs isn't just a slogan, it's something we actually do! Outside of our popular and specialized programs, we can create a program that fits your needs and schedule

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