physical therapy 

How do we provide Physical Therapy?

With a licensed Physical Therapist (PT) on staff, we provide specialized training and physical therapy programs for individuals recovering from injuries, ensuring safe and effective progress back to health.

Physical therapists don’t just work to heal injuries, they are also experts in preventing injuries! Our PT can help design a personal training program that will not only help you reach your fitness goals, but that can address what you're currently doing that may be increasing your risk for injury!

We operate through private pay to provide physical therapy. Which means, you can get a licensed physical therapist to help with your rehabilitation for a fraction of the cost!

What is our Physical Therapy process?

Our Process is simple. 

We start with a physical assessment. In the case of physical therapy, we take a thorough look at your injury/injuries, what is causing you pain, test your range of motion, get a feel for your level of intensity, and then we begin the rehabilitation process! 

We ensure you feel comfortable every step of the way. As soon as you start to feel relief, we help you build strength in an effort to help you prevent reinjury!

Who is our Physical Therapy for?

If you:

  • Had an injury a long time ago and can't get pain relief

  • Want to get 1 on 1 help from a licensed physical therapist at an affordable rate

  • Feel like you can't do anything about your pain

  • Are ready to live a pain-free lifestyle

We can help!
Next Steps

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Personalizing fitness to meet your needs isn't just a slogan, it's something we actually do! Outside of our popular and specialized programs, we can create a program that fits your needs and schedule

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why our clients trust us!

"After being flat on my back from a lumbar injury, Better Bodies helped me get back to dunking a basketball again at age 48 just eleven months later. Thank you Mitch and your team!" 

Randy K.

"I started with Better Bodies after repair of a torn medial meniscus. I have continued with Mitch (twice weekly) since then, which has benefitted my health significantly. I just celebrated my 80th birthday"

Joe F.

“I have been working out at Better Bodies for 4 months and have noticeably increased my endurance, strength, and flexibility. I appreciate the experience Mitch has especially with folks that have medical issues. I have recommended him to to all of my friends."

Robin D.