It is the start of the new year, and it has been GREAT to see many people back in the gym hitting it hard. As a trainer, sometimes I am incredibly motivated just watching some of our regular clientele. We have retired professional athletes, beautiful models, and some of the most in shape seniors! Just in here, doing their thing. They show me stuff, I show them stuff. It is like a fair trade economy gym days between 10-2, but the real people are missing. WHERE are you? YES YOU!

YOU who resolved to make 2016 your best year ever, with fitness and weight loss goals aplenty. WHERE are you now? It might amaze you to know that taking 10 minutes out of your day and joining the fitness craze will actually change your life! One of the biggest things I talk about with clients is the 10 minute rule. Take 10 minutes and come see me. If after 10 minutes you don't want to keep going, then you can leave, but chances are if you take 10, it will become 20, 30 and soon a lifetime of healthy, happy, super fit amazing YOU!
OK well, I have to go, the model is in the gym working on her splits, and I need to check out what the ex hockey player is working on today. These people inspire me every day, come in and inspire me with what makes you amazing. OR, lets find your amazing YOU together! :)